William E. McCarthy

Over the years I have been working on a number of projects that reflect my strong background in the Visual Arts and informs my personal vision and appreciation of the natural world. My work is best seen as a series of visual notations, reflective of the inherent individuality of each image.

I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art, and earned an MFA in painting from The Pennsylvania State University. Over the years I have taught Drawing, Painting, Design, Photography and Art History at the College level and have worked professionally as a designer and Art Director for Public Television. In the late 1960’s, in concert with other Maine artists, I helped found Concept School of the Arts, which was instrumental in establishing a dramatic change in the education of artists in Maine. I remained committed to the evolution of meaningful education for artists in my work at the University of Maine and through various symposiums including one funded by the Danforth Foundation.

In the past, my work was not confined to any particular medium (I devoted much time to painting in various mediums as well as printmaking). I have always been interested by the inherent quality of media and its inevitable effect on images produced.

While at Penn State, working under an assistantship, I taught darkroom techniques and worked closely with beginning photography students to bridge their technological needs with their creative aspirations. The transition to digital imaging, has exponentially increased the means of artistic expression for me. Exploring this expanded mode of expression has informed my work since its inception.

I have worked primarily creating prints through the exploration of computer imaging since the 1980’s. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and am represented in many private collections.